This set contains 6 minigolf balls with different properties and a tee for drive from the distance course.
Hard and soft, fast and slow - all included!

Nicely put away:
The starter set Standard adds a minigolf ball bag with plenty of room!
For more balls than you need.
Free your hands for the game:
Besides your ball set Standard there is plenty of room for your key for example. In seperate compartments!
The bag can be belted around your waist or hip and with the built in top zipper you can access your balls.

The Berofit ball set comes in a pure ball set or in two sets with different ball bags.

More choice of balls for your game
The Smilie set has 9 different balls and a tee for distance shots from grass.
Hands free for your minigolf game:
Even your key finds a place in a single compartment that protects your valuable balls from scratches.
The bag can be belted around your waist or hip and with the built in top zipper you can access your balls.
Build your own Smilie set:
With our configurator.
Now also with the roomy bag!

The set "Tournament Quality B" are offered with 3 and 6 minigolf balls.
The balls are high end tournament balls, which enter the market as B or second quality due to minor errors during production, mostly concerning the lacquer.
The price is heavily discounted against the standard price. The composition changes frequently, so these sets are a surprise bag, but a valuable one.
A great bargain, that our customers have been loving for years.

Minigolf Ball Sets

For all different levels of play

Our ballsets are carefully matched in composition for different levels of play and price.
Add to your set a ball bag for more convenience.
In any case you can save against buying single items.

Our ball sets have companions - our putter sets.
Also in different levels and without double items.

Shopping Advice: Which Set should I take?

Standard Set

You have always played with the rather simple balls, your minigolf course rented to you? You don't have much experience in playing with different minigolf balls?
Then this set is great for you.
These 6 balls cover all different courses and are an economic way to find out, if you like this way of playing without spending much money.

Smilie Set

This set with 9 balls is the largest and most expensive one and also the most specialized. The balls are competition level and -due to the numbers printed on them- easily matched to the different courses.