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New this curling season

BalancePlus brings a new head system: RS

Have a look at the brandnew BalancePlus RS Head.

New products are presented in the categories, i.e. shoes, brooms, etc., but there is also a fast list:
Menu "Curling Supplies" - 2nd Block from above & on the right:
"New for this season".
At the start of the season, some texts or pictures might be missing, because we produce them ourselbves in order to provide best possible quality.

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Curling Supplies

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139,95 € *

Olson Curlingschuh Jack & Jill Crosskick

89,95 € *

Olson curling shoe Genesis 1/4"

159,95 € *

Goldline curling shoe G50 Cyclone 1/4" (6,3mm)

169,95 € *

RS Pad complete for BP Litespeed

24,95 € *
119,95 € *

BP LiteSpeed RS Curlingbrooms -recommended models-

129,95 € *

BP Litespeed RS Sleeve WCF

14,95 € *

Olson Stick Broom Bag

49,95 € *

Goldline Air Saber

89,95 € *