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Curling shoe Goldline Quantum Z Goldline Quantum Z
- with Sliders in 4 speeds 119,95 Euro (w/o. Slider)

All Canadian Toplabels under one Roof

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Goldline toe coating kit

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New Models for Season 2018/2019

Two new models from Goldline and BalancePlus changes the prices of the Delux.

  • Goldline Swift with a splitted 5/32" Sole - coming in new between the highly successful competitive Velocity and the Breeze with 3/32"
  • Goldline Quantum S - synthesis of modern, sporty design and the traditional black color of curling shoes
  • Delux I - the traditional shoe for top athlete's is now cheaper than the Delux with full slider for the first time

Overview of our Curling Shoes

Curling Shoe Overview Sole Type of slider hinged? Toe coating? Also for lefthanders? Weight of pair Design Target Group
Goldline G50 Stance2 grippersFullyes689gsporty-modernEveryone
Tournament Eagle1/16" (2 mm)Fullyes1.100gclassicBeginner
Olson Jack & Jill Revive1/16" (2 mm)Split810gclassicBeginner
Goldline Quantum EDiverseSlider Discsyes1.000gsporty-classicClub - Competitive
Goldline Quantum XDiverseSlider Discsyes1.000gsporty-techClub - Competitive
Goldline Quantum ZDiverseSlider Discsyes1.000gsporty-sophisticatedClub - Competitive
Goldline Quantum SDiverseSlider Discsyes975gsporty-classicClub - Competitive
Goldline G50 Breeze3/32" (2,4 mm)Splityes1.100gsporty-sophisticatedClub Curler
Goldline G50 Swift5/32 (4,0 mm)Splityes701gsporty-modernClub Curler
Goldline G50 Velocity1/4" (6,4 mm)Splityes801gsporty-stylishClub - Competitive
Olson Jack Neosport1/4" (6,4mm)Splityes725gclassicClub - Competitive
Olson Classic1/4" (6,4mm)Splityes1.000gclassicClub - Competitive
Asham Competitor3/32" (2,4 mm)Rotator
yes890gclassicClub Curler
BP 4003/16" (4,8mm)Split890gclassicClub Curler
BP 400 coating3/16" (4,8mm)Splityesyesyes890gclassicClub Curler
BP 400
Special Edition
3/16" (4,8mm)Fullyesyesyes930gclassicClub Curler
BP 5003/16" (4,8mm)Splityesoptional1008gClub - Competitive
BP 5001/4" (6,4mm)Splityesoptional1091gClub - Competitive
Asham Slam1/4" (6,4mm)Rotator
690gClub - Competitive
Delux I1/4" (6,4mm)Splityesoptional1180gClub - Competitive
Delux D1/4" (6,4mm)Fulloptional1180gClub - Competitive
All models and sizes are available as Special Order for these labels: BalancePlus, Goldline, Asham, Olson, Hardline

Skeki explains: What is a hinged sole?
Here is our video: Skeki explains: What is a hinged sole?


Alle kanadischen Toplabels unter einem Dach

Ob Einsteiger oder Weltklasseathlet - bei Skeki findet man den richtigen Schuh.
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Unser Geheimtipp:
Goldline Spitzenschutzset zum Selbermachen

Die wichtigste Frage:
Wie finde ich die richtige Schuhgröße?

Neue Modelle Saison 2018/19

Zwei neue Modelle von Goldline und BalancePlus verändert die Delux Linie.

  • Goldline Swift mit einer gesplitteten 5/32" Sohle - neu zwischen dem sehr erfolgreichen Wettkampfschuh Velocity und dem Breeze mit 3/32"
  • Goldline Quantum S - die Synthese aus moderner, sportlicher Optik und dem traditionellen Schwarz der Curlingschuhe
  • Delux I - ein altbewährter Spitzenschuh tauscht mit dem Delux mit vollem Slider den Platz in Sachen Preis
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139,95 € *

Eagle Curling Shoe

79,95 € *

Curling Shoe with two Gripper

79,95 € *

Goldline curling shoe G50 Stance - 2 Gripper soles

89,95 € *

Olson curling shoe Jack & Jill ReVive

99,95 € *

Goldline curling shoe Quantum E

119,95 € *

Goldline curling shoe Quantum X

119,95 € *

Goldline curling shoe Quantum Z

119,95 € *

Goldline curling shoe Quantum S

139,95 € *

Goldline curling shoe G50 Breeze 3/32" (2,4mm)

99,95 € *

Goldline curling shoe G50 Swift 5/32" (4,0 mm)

129,95 € *

Goldline curling shoe G50 Velocity 1/4" (6,4mm)

159,95 € *

Goldline curling shoe G50 Cyclone 1/4" (6,3mm)

169,95 € *

BalancePlus 400 3/16" (4,8mm)

139,95 € *

BalancePlus 400 3/16" (4,8mm) Toe Coating

159,95 € *

BalancePlus 400 3/16" (4,8mm) B slider right

139,95 € *

BalancePlus 400 3/16" (4,8mm) B full slider toe coating

169,95 € *

Olson curling shoe Jack & Jill Neosport

149,95 € *

olson curling shoe classic

159,95 € *