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New brooms for season 2017/18

Berofit "Iceblitz" is a brand new, very light carbon broom from a new label. Our special tip because of the sensational price.
Click on the picture to the left and check out the new broom.
Goldline Air which came out last season, has upgraded a few details for even more robustness.
The head fits to any standard handle and is also separately sold at Skeki. The pad fixes without screws and can be changed very fast.
The Air system is available for the Goldline Carbon and the Fibrelite broom.
And a new Goldline Fibreglas broom with fixed Air head, perfect for clubs and beginners.
BalancePlus Litespeed gets a second, normal sized head variant and quite a few new pads.

Overview of our curling broom models

Curlingbroom Overview Handle Head Head System total weight
Olson BroomstickFibreglasfixPerformance605
Goldline Fiberglas AirFibreglasfixGoldline Air fixed
Olson Fiberglas 360FibreglasrotatingPerformance622
Goldline Fiberglas Air 360FibreglasrotatingGoldline Air582
BP FiberglasFibreglasrotatingPerformance673
Goldline FibreliteFibreglas / Carbon MixrotatingPerformance480
Goldline Fibrelite AirFibreglas / Carbon MixrotatingGoldline Air399
Ultima CarbonCarbonrotatingPerformance590
Berofit CarbonCarbonrotatingPerformance405
Berofit Carbon AirCarbonrotatingGoldline Air300
Berofit Carbon LightspeedCarbonrotatingBP Lightspeed310
Olson Vapor IsogridCarbonrotatingPerformance480
Asham CarbonCarbonrotatingPerformance508
Goldline UltralightCarbonrotatingPerformance470
Goldline Ultralight AirCarbonrotatingGoldline Air353
BP CarbonCarbonrotatingPerformance490
BP LightspeedCarbonrotatingBP Lightspeed290
BP Lightspeed XLCarbonrotatingBP Lightspeed310

Many new pads

Your favorites are still here and will be for some years.
Goldline Norway, BalancePlus EQ, Asham TX, Olson GR 8 and of course: the Cordura Pad.

Here come the new ones:

  • Goldline Air pad - with an upgrade that gives more robustness and a WCF approved pad.
  • The Warthog pad - a highend pad that many top curlers love.
  • BalancePlus Lightspeed - a lot of new colours and pads for the wider, the XL Lightspeed head.
If you play at top curling events see also our new category
Pads WCF Approved

Curling Brooms

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Olson Rookie Bundle: ReVive curlingshoe + anti slider + curling broom

139,95 € *
Price as configured

Olson Broomstick with fixed head

49,95 € *
59,95 € *
59,95 € *

Goldline fibreglas with air head

69,95 € *

BalancePlus fibreglas broom

69,95 € *

Goldline Fibrelite Composite Curlingbrush

79,95 € *

Goldline Fibrelite Composite Curlingbrush

79,95 € *

Ultima Carbon Curling Broom U701 1"

99,95 € *

Ultima Carbon Curling Broom 1 1/8"

99,95 € *
99,95 € *

Olson Vapor Isogrid Broom - GR8 Pad

119,95 € *

Asham Carbon Handle (2,7cm) - TX Pad

129,95 € *

Goldline Ultralight Curlingbrush (Norway Pad)

129,95 € *
129,95 € *

BalancePlus Carbon Fibre Broom with EQ Pad

129,95 € *

BalancePlus LiteSpeed Broom with EQ+ Pad

139,95 € *