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BalancePlus Sportlite RS Sleeve in 70 Colours BalancePlus Sportlite RS Sleeve
The RS pad can be changed to 70 different colours. A coated fabric (not WCF) also improves your stroke rate.
These different combinations allow for example to fit the upper side to the colour of the head and the lower side to have a strong contrast to the ice.

Season 2020/21: Even more choice for curlers

More colours, more variants, more individuality

The picture to the left shows how BalancePlus gives 70 different colour options to the RS pad - unbelievable!. A click on the picutre brings you to the product.
You need more information on the RS pad?
Here is our special feature: BalancePlus RS Head.

The RS Head
is now available for all BP curling brushes. Of course also the Litespeed pad can be mounted on this head. We always offer both variants - if in doubt: just ask!
Even the entry price level gets a substiantial weight reduction with this new head system:
BalancePlus fibreglas curling broom with RS pad.
Also the traditional BP carbon broom gets the upgrade:
BalancePlus carbon curling broom with LS or RS pad.
BP Litespeed can be configured easy and conveniant. Normal or wide head, RS pad, LS pad, WCF or EQ? It's your choice - only with a few mouseclicks. At least in your Skeki curling shop.
BalancePlus Litespeed carbon curling broom configurator.

BalancePlus Composite curling broom
The class between carbon and fibreglas get's even more popular. New at Skeki curling shop this season is the hybrid -or Fibreite- broom from BalancePlus.
With RS pad:
BalancePlus composite curling broom with RS pad.
Oder mit LS Pad:
BalancePlus composite curling broom with LS pad.

So, to sum it up, the trend of the last years towards specific head systems for each label continues and gets even stronger as the ecosystem of each head system grows.
Last, but not least:
The BalancePlus fibreglas broom, as well as the Litespeed, gets a few nice new colours for the handles.

All the new Curling Brooms for season 2020/21 in a glance!

Overview of our curling broom models

Curlingbroom Overview Handle Head Head System total weight
Olson BroomstickFiberglasfixPerformance / oval645 g
Goldline Fiberglas Air starrFiberglasfixGoldline Air431 g
BP FiberglasFiberglasrotatingPerformance / oval577 g
Goldline Fiberglas Air 360FiberglasrotatingGoldline Air465 g
BP Fiberglas LitespeedFiberglasrotatingBP Lightspeed464 g
Olson Pyro FiberglasFiberglasrotatingOlson Pyro451 g
=== Broom with Fiberglas / Carbon Mix ===rotating
Olson Pyro FibreliteFiberglas / Carbon MixrotatingOlson Pyro440 g
Goldline Fibrelite AirFiberglas / Carbon MixrotatingGoldline Air403 g
BP CompositeFiberglas / Carbon MixrotatingBP Lightspeed370 g
=== Carbonbroom ===rotating
Ultima CarbonCarbonrotatingPerformance / oval564 g
Asham Ultra LiteCarbonrotatingPerformance / oval460 g
BP Carbon ovalCarbonrotatingPerformance / oval456 g
Berofit Carbon ovalCarbonrotatingPerformance / oval429 g
=== Carbonbroom with Next Gen Head ===rotating
HardlineCarbonrotatingHardline390 g
BP Carbon LitespeedCarbonrotatingBP Lightspeed383 g
Goldline Ultralight AirCarbonrotatingGoldline Air353 g
Olson Pyro Vapor IsogridCarbonrotatingOlson Pyro352 g
Olson Pyro CarbonCarbonrotatingOlson Pyro349 g
Berofit Carbon AirCarbonrotatingGoldline Air347 g
Berofit Carbon LightspeedCarbonrotatingBP Lightspeed315 g
BP Lightspeed XL RSCarbonrotatingBP Lightspeed320 g
BP Lightspeed XLCarbonrotatingBP Lightspeed309 g
BP Lightspeed RSCarbonrotatingBP Lightspeed303 g
BP LightspeedCarbonrotatingBP Lightspeed298 g
If not in stock, all models are avalable as special order as long as they are in production for BalancePlus, Goldline, Asham, Olson, Hardline

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