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Curlingbags for every task

Which bag for me?
Shoebag: 1 pair of shoes
Duffle Bag: 2 pair of shoes, curling pants, curling mitts, etc.
Minibag: 1 curling broom
Individual: endless space for you or a bag for your team
Team Bag: a lot of space for a team, up to 8 brooms
Wheel Bag: The most sophisticated way to transport your equipment

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Bags for Curling Supplies

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Curling Bag for shoes

19,95 € *

Curling Bag for shoes

29,95 € *
39,95 € *

olson minibag

39,95 € *
49,95 € *

Asham: Team Curling Bag for brooms

59,95 € *

Asham Big Curling Bag with wheels

99,95 € *