Curling Starter

Curlingshoes and Curlingbrooms for new Curlers

Here we give recommendations for your first set of curlingsupplies

  • Curlingbrooms with fixed head, because many trainers think, that it is best for beginners.
  • Curlingshoes not from the elite player labels - because you get excellent quality at a bargain price.

  • Of course we also sell top curlingproducts to you.

    But: Our recommendations are in the entry price level.
    The advantage is, that you can practise your sport and make up your mind as to which curlingbroom or curlingshoe is the right one for you.
    Like this you won't spend a furtune.
    Nothing is less fun, than changing your curling stuff after one season, because you bought initially the wrong things.
    We believe a good merchant is the merchant who looks after his customers first of all.
    We are here for you!

    If you have questions: anytime with pleasure!

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139,95 € *
139,95 € *

Eagle Curling Shoe

69,95 € *
69,95 € *
54,95 € *
69,95 € *