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Gripper: Big Choice for every curling shoe

Buying grippers can be easy.
If you don't find something, simply send us an email
Our text below helps you to get an overview.
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Our special hint

Slidingtape is a low-cost alternative to use street shoes on the rink.
It looks like a normal scotch and is applied alike.

Gripper buyer's advice

Good to know
  • a standard gripper fits for most curling shoes
  • the sole size of curling shoes is different even if shoe size and label are the same
  • if you are in doubt, ask us. If possible, we will get you the right size.
Besides the standard grippers, you can choose between BalancePlus, Goldline and Olson Grippers - they all fit to most curling shoes.
Olson and Asham shoes are best used with their proper gripper. Especially Ashams rotator system is too wide for most other grippers.
Standard grippers also fit over shoes with disc systems like BalancePlus 500 or Goldline Quantum. Gripperdiscs for these systems are available as well of course.

sliders for street shoes

The choice is your's
  • Full Sole Slider with a elastic band over the instep
  • a slider to step on
  • a sliding tape - easy, fast, cheap

Gripper (Anti-slider) and slider

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Slip on Full Slider

17,95 € *

Pull on Slider - Left Foot

34,95 € *

Step on Slider

24,95 € *

BalancePlus 500 Pods

29,95 € *

Quantum Slider Disc Sets

starting from 29,95 € *
24,95 € *

Pull on Gripper

14,95 € *

BalancePlus Anti Slider - Gripper black, left

16,95 € *

BalancePlus Anti Slider - Gripper pink, left

16,95 € *
16,95 € *

Hexa Gripper - Antislider

16,95 € *

Goldline Quantum Gripper

16,95 € *

Asham Rotator Disks

starting from 39,95 € *

Asham Rotator Gripper

19,95 € *

Sliding Tape

29,95 € *

Asham Kit Slider for sport shoes

starting from 29,95 € *

Goldline Gripper Slab Application

29,95 € *