Brooms with the oval Performance Pad

Performance Pad

Reliable Standard

For many years in use by all big Canadian labels, this head has been the industry standard.

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Why this Pad System?

Performance head. Pro and Con

Most important pro is that it has been widely used and the independence from a single curling label.
André Ferland invented this head system and used it in 2002 for the first time in Brière. For many years it was used by all Canadian labels in their brooms. That is the reason, why everybody, BalancePlus, Goldline, Asham and Olson offer pads in different types and colours. That is still true today and there is nothing that does not exist for this system.
Most important con is the weight. Other head systems were invented later. With more modern materials they were specifically designed for lesser weight. As a result the performance head -with its 200g- has 70g more than a Goldline Air Head or nearly double the weight of a BalancePlus Litespeed.

Curlingbrooms by padsystem

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Besen with Oval / Performance Pad Brooms with Oval Pad - Performance Pad
Hardline IcePad Hardline IcePad
Olson Pyro Olson Pyro
Goldline Airway Goldline Airway
BalancePlus Litespeed BalancePlus Litespeed

Our Curling Brooms with Performance Head

Wide range of products with very reasonable prices

As the head is used by many labels, there is more competition than with a head system that only one label offers. And this shows by lower prices.
Especially for starters and for clubs there is also a fixed Performance head with a fiberglas handle. The pad is of course the same.
Asham remained right now (4/2019) as the only important label to use only this head system. The range of products starts with rookie brooms and goes all the way to the competition level.
If you look for quality at a price and are not fixed upon a special label, then a Performance system is the right thing for you.

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