BalancePlus and Ultima: Longterm Usability

23.11.2014 10:00

BalancePlus is the undisputed no. 1 for curlingshoes used by the Top curlers world wide. No label is worn by more World Champions, Olympic Champions and other top athlets.
Ultima is almost invisible in top curling events. The brand is mostly used by hobby and recreational curlers.
For us it is highly interesting to learn how both labels do in a longterm comparison.

The German Training Center in Füssen: Longterm Comparison
Which curlingshoe is dealing better with the same stress in training?

Start was in december of 2012.
Under the same heavy duty in training.
Holger Hoehne who is also coaching the Youth cadre of the centre of excellence in Füssen, would ask for a more robust toe.
His judgement: The wear and tear of both models is roughly equal.

BalancePlus 200 and the Ultima Dress.

Pictures are from march 2014, which means after 1 1/4 years.

picture 1: Ultima Dress

Ultima Dress Abnutzungsspuren

picture 2: BalancePlus

BalancePlus Abnutzungsspuren

picture 3: compared directly: left is BalancePlus, right is Ultima Dress

both curling shoes in direct comparison

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